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I guess fall ain’t so bad

By Abigail Cukier, The Amazing Adventures of Wonder(ing) Woman

Even though my school days are long over, I unfailingly feel sad as summer ends and fall approaches.

During my childhood, it meant coming home from two months away at overnight camp to start school again.

As a young adult, it was the end to camping trips and late nights out (how come when you’re 20, you can repeatedly stay out until 2 a.m. and still get up and work the next day?) and back to university.

Today, even though there is no real difference to my routine after Labour Day, I still feel sad. I love the sunny, hot days, but it’s more about the fact that everyone is just a bit more relaxed in the summer – it might be the extended daylight or all of those long weekends. People do things they might not do in the winter. Families take more walks together after dinner or quick trips to get ice cream. Co-workers gather on a patio on a Friday evening. There’s beach days, camping trips, berry picking and running through the sprinkler.

But when I feel the autumn doldrums kick in, I comfort myself with two thoughts – a new televison season and NFL football. Sadness over the fact that it starts to get dark earlier is somehow tempered by an evening with the docs at Seattle Grace or the Dunphy clan. Missing a holiday Monday isn’t so bad if you spend Sunday watching wall-to-wall football (not that I can do that much with two children under five).

And there are other great things about autumn:

• Escaping the sticky heat for warm days and cool mornings.

• The symphony of colours on the trees

• New fall clothes

• Pulling out that great jacket you forgot you bought last year

• Halloween candy

Kids in Halloween costumes

• The start of hockey season

The list goes on. So, hey, maybe fall isn’t so bad. Maybe it’s the fact that fall turns into winter.

It takes an awful lot of football and leftover Halloween candy to help me see the bright side of a snowstorm.

What are some of your favourite things about fall? What will you miss about summer?


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