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Stoney Creek's Ward 10 candidates pledge balanced development
With several large-scale residential developments now in the works, the next Ward 10 councillor will be forced to strike a balance between intensification and the concerns of current residents.
Mountain trustee candidate fends off criticisms for ‘hijacking’ ARC forum
An uneventful forum for Mountain public school trustee hopefuls turned testy when a central Mountain candidate found herself on the hot seat for her high-profile role in successfully fighting the closure of Queensdale Elementary School.

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Friday, October, 17, 2014 - 5:05:46 PM
Leanne Pluthero selling T-shirts to help save Ancaster’s Hermitage ruins "Great article and thank you so much for writing this up! So glad to spread the word!"
Comment by Leanne0594
Friday, October, 17, 2014 - 6:06:05 AM
LETTER: Can’t sit back and let ISIS expand at will "ISIS is hardly Hitler who had created a regime in a country that already exists and not trying to carve one out of two other destablized countries. It is curious the author would rather commit ineffectual attacks that will draw further extremist atte"
Comment by Hamiltonian
Saturday, October, 11, 2014 - 5:05:15 PM
Will Hamilton's next mayor have urban or suburban vision and priorities? "As a suburbanite, and supporter of the city I'm pretty sure this part is wrong, "This will be the first time a mayoral candidate is trumpeting Hamilton’s suburbs to have a place at the decision-making table rather than just being the cash cow that "
Comment by George
Photo by Gord Bowes
Licence plates, taxi permits stripped from owners during Upper James crackdown
More than half of the vehicles checked by the Ministry of Transportation were taken off the road due to infractions
Mohawk road between Upper Wellington and Upper Wentworth nearly completed
$2.4-million reconstruction of busy central Mountain artery should be finished early next month
Hamilton mayoral candidate calls racial incidents “unacceptable”
As a mayoral candidate of colour, Ejaz Butt has received his share of discriminatory comments about his race, and newcomer status while travelling the city during the municipal election campaign.
Clark Eisenberger
Eisenberger proposes variable DCs; Clark says can’t be done
Hamilton mayoral candidate Fred Eisenberger has been championing the city to introduce a variable development charge to spur construction on in-fill lands, while discouraging building on precious greenfields and curtailing urban sprawl.
Eisenberger supports more funding for food banks
Hamilton mayoral candidate Fred Eisenberger says the city needs to provide more financial resources to help struggling community food banks.
Clark defends criticisms that campaign too negative
Mayoral candidate Brad Clark is refuting claims his campaign has been going negative against his opponents, particularly against former mayor Fred Eisenberger.
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Hamilton mayoral candidates look to improve council relationships
Mayoral candidate Brad Clark wants to avoid the mistakes of past magistrates and include councillors in the decision-making process.
Debra Downey photo
Ancaster’s Marie DuBois sends tiny watermelon measurements to Guinness World Records
Marie DuBois very nearly snacked on what could be a Guinness World Record watermelon.
Submitted photo
Ancaster Senior Achievement Centre performers entertain at Redeemer to mark 40th anniversary
Close to 200 residents 55 years of age and over are polishing their dance shoes, tuning up their vocal cords and perfecting their exercise moves in preparation for the Ancaster Senior Achievement Centre’s 40th Anniversary Jubilee.
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DMHA Bantam AE Blues play Tilburg Trappers from the Netherlands on Oct. 20
Like any international hockey event, flags and gifts will be exchanged and anthems played when the Dundas Blues Bantam AEs face off against a team from the Netherlands on Monday, Oct. 20 at 7 p.m. at J.L. Grightmire Arena.
Medeiros buy former Dundas Mr. Transmission site
The couple who bought and renovated downtown Dundas’ historic post office have purchased another property.
Dundas Junior C Blues hockey team continues early roll
The Dundas Blues continued a strong start to the Junior C hockey season, winning two more games to improve their record to 5-1 while sitting alone in second place behind Grimsby
Submitted photo
Dundas Valley Secondary School Gryphons don’t miss a step in cross-country
The new season for cross-country in Dundas has started with a new school, new uniforms and the same energy (and results) as before.
Photo by Mark Newman
Mohawk College HIV testing no big deal
It took a matter of seconds. A public health nurse pricked your finger, gave you the result and you were out the door.
RBG recovery plan hopes to help turtles avoid the road
Why did the turtles risk it all to cross the busy road in the dark? A five-year study by the Royal Botanical Gardens knows the answer – to get to a sunny nesting spot – and is offering potential ways to keep them from making the potentially fatal treks across Cootes and Olympic drives.
Spencer Creek transformation to bring in 'new era'
A $1-million plan to restore the channelized stretch of Spencer Creek by Cootes Drive to a more natural, meandering form is being hailed as “a gem” that has the potential to protect the area’s imperiled turtle population and transform Lake Ontario.
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