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Bell-Stone first to fall in elementary closure reviews
Bell-Stone is the first victim of four Hamilton public elementary school accommodation reviews and will shut its doors at the end of June.
Conservatives see no evil in criticism, legislation, say Liberals, NDP
Prime Minister Stephen Harper is on a dangerous path attacking Canada’s Supreme Court, says Liberal MP Marc Garneau.

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Friday, September, 12, 2014 - 10:10:39 PM
John Iachelli challenges incumbent Lloyd Ferguson for Ancaster council seat "This guy apparently doesn't understand that when the value of your home doubles so do your property taxes. Doesn't really instill confidence."
Comment by blerg
Thursday, September, 11, 2014 - 4:04:40 PM
Grade 6 students ‘just fine on basic math,’ Sandals insists "Minister Sandals' contempt for evidence based research in the classroom is astounding. How stupid does she think taxpayers are that we are to believe IPads in the hands of 9 year olds will help them with their multiplication tables? And equally ins"
Comment by Tara Houle
Wednesday, September, 03, 2014 - 1:01:46 PM
Danko wants to fix ‘severely flawed’ school ARCs "She's right in saying the process is severely flawed. It is. But I do not trust that when push comes to shove, she will do what's best for the ward. I fear she will simply circle her wagons around Queensdale and protect it at all costs. Letting wh"
Comment by Trust Me
Wynne jumps on LRT system
The Liberals have jumped on the funding bus to pay for Hamilton’s transit needs, says the premier.
Wynne’s pension reforms would find an ear under a Trudeau government
Under a federal Liberal government led by leader Justin Trudeau, it would be unnecessary for Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne to create a pension plan to help retirees who are feeling economically helpless.
Hudak’s ‘pink slip pledge’ will damage reviving economy: Wynne
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne used the Stoney Creek campus of Mohawk College to ridicule Progressive Conservative Tim Hudak’s idea to slash 100,000 government jobs, arguing it would plunge the province back into a recession.
Niagara West-Glanbrook Liberal candidate apologizes for ‘inappropriate’ post
A second Liberal provincial candidate has had to apologize for what is being termed “inappropriate” content on his Facebook page.
Photo by Richard Leitner
Queensdale backers flood Mountain school closure hearing
True to form, Queensdale school dominated a special delegation night on proposals to close up to three of eight public elementary schools on the central Mountain.
Dundas Blues return to roots
Move keeps Junior C hockey club in Dundas..
Grightmire Arena renovation back to drawing board
Flooding issues raised by Conservation Authority.
Photo by Mark Newman
Paramedics feeding the hungry
What will some east Mountain paramedics be doing in the coming weeks to ease the day-to-day pressure and strain of their job?
Amica expansion awaits permit
Dundas retirement home to add 74 units.
New trees part of Concession Street plan
Some new trees, enhanced boulevards and pedestrian amenities like new crossing signals are part of the $10 million plan to reconstruct Concession Street between Upper Wellington andUpper Shermannext year.
Graffiti is a Hamilton-wide problem, say councillors
Hamilton may be concentrating its graffiti strategy in the hardest hit areas in the downtown.
Sign of the times: $230,000 for gateway entrance
From a plan to install five Hamilton signs at gateway locations across Hamilton at about $100,000, politicians instead approved a proposal to build one sign at Highway 403 and Highway 6 at a cost of $230,000.
Hamilton injects $4 million into biomedical institute
Hamilton is prepared to giveMcMasterUniversitya parcel of land plus almost $1 million for a total of $4 million to help entice a German company set up a $20-million non-profit biomedical institute onLongwood Road that could mean a $70-million economic impact to the city.
¥Batnapped [Converted]
Reluctant readers sure to enjoy page-turning Snake in My Toilet
Life is tough for 13-year-old Cam. His dad has left the family to work overseas, the school bully made him cry and he’s been suspended. Can things get worse?
Board eyes sidestepping teachers on sports coaches
Hamilton’s public school board could become the first in Ontario to let outside volunteers coach extracurricular sports without teacher supervision.
Trustees dump on new high school design jargon
The Hamilton public school board’s initial run at designing new high schools on the south Mountain and by the new Pan Am stadium is being criticized for leaving plain language on the sidelines.
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